Gymnastics Programs

Parent & Child (Bunny Tots):

(Currently Unavailable – check back soon!)
Created for children ages 18 months to 3 years, parents will participate with their child in this teacher-led program. Classes feature fun and age-appropriate circuits and circle activities which build your little one’s agility and confidence! Your child will also get to interact with other children in their age group, encouraging healthy socialization habits.


Ages 2-3 (Bouncin Bunnies):

(Currently Unavailable – check back soon!)
Children participate independently in these co-ed classes providing an intro to gymnastics concepts with safe and fun drills and circuits. Classes focus on balance, coordination and strength development. Activities are based on age and ability.


Ages 4-6 (Rompin Rabbits):

The 4-6 year old classes focus on tumbling basics, increased balance and form development, as well as familiarity with gymnastics apparatus.


Girls 7+:

Our classes for girls age 7 and up focus on increasing skill level, strength and form, as well as developing proficiency on women’s apparatus (vault, bars, beam and floor).


Boys 7+:

The boys 7 and up class focuses on increasing skill level, strength and form, as well as providing an introduction to the six men’s events: floor exercisepommel horsestill ringsvault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.


Gold Medal:

Is your 5 or 6-year-old excelling in regular class and looking for a fun challenge? Our Gold Medal program may be the answer! Designed for more advanced students, Gold Medal runs 2x per week for 1 hour and 15 minutes, and is an accelerated program focusing on form, flexibility and strength development. Graduates of this program can go on to do G.A.P., Pre-Team, or Level 1/2 gymnastics. Instructor evaluation required.



The G.A.P. (Gymnastics Athletic Program) bridges the gap between competitive team programs and recreational classes. The program is designed for rec class students who want to develop more advanced skills, but without the full commitment that team programs require. Members of the GAP program will participate in optional exhibitions with other GAP program gymnasts throughout the season, and have a chance to showcase their skills and routines in a low pressure, fun environment.