Teams @CS




Coach: Lauren Hairston

Our pre-team program is designed for advanced gymnasts ages 5-9 who are training to participate in our competitive team program. Pre-team members work to master entry level competitive skills, apparatus routines, and adjust to the commitment of a team program.


Women’s Team

Coaches: Kacy Salas, Rebecca Neidhardt, Lauren Hairston, Allison Colombari

The USAIGC women’s team program consists of the following levels:

Copper 1: Entry competitive level. Skill requirements per event include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vault: Handstand flatback
  • Bars: Pullover, back hip circle
  • Beam: ¾ handstand, ½ turn, leap, dismount
  • Floor: Cartwheel & roundoff, handstand, split, leap, ½ or full turn, backbend kickover or back-walkover

Copper 2: Same requirements as Copper one with the following allowances:

  • Vault: May compete front-handspring over vaulting mat turned sideways
  • Bars: May go to high bar
  • Beam: May do a cartwheel
  • Floor: May do one back-handspring and one front-handspring

Bronze: Skill requirements per event include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vault: Front Handspring OR Half-on
  • Bars: Kip, squat on, high-bar dismount
  • Beam: Cartwheel or back-walkover, split jump, leap, hands-free dismount
  • Floor: Round-off + 2 back-handsprings, front-handspring, dance acro series, leap series, full turn

Diamond: Same requirements as Bronze with the following allowances:

  • Beam: May compete an acro element with flight (round-off, back-handspring)
  • Floor: May compete back or front-tuck

Silver: Skill requirements per event include but are not limited to the following:

  • Vault: Half-on or Yurchenko timer
  • Bars: Clear hip and or uprise, cast above horizontal, salto dismount
  • Beam: Acro element with flight such as round-off or back-handspring, full turn, aerial or salto dismount
  • Floor: Back-tuck, front-tuck, leap series, 1 ½ turn,

Gold & Platinum: Advanced levels of competition with high skills requirement and variation.


Men’s Team

Head Coach: Erik Nieves

Our men’s USAG team program provides high level competitive training in a safe and structured environment. The Men’s competitive program consists of the following levels:

  • In levels 4-7, competition is offered in Division I (Junior Olympic Division) and Division II (Junior Developmental Division).
  • Levels 4-6 provide basic compulsory routines for all competitors.
  • The compulsory Level 7 is designed to encourage and prepare the gymnast for the transition from compulsory to optional routines.
  • The optional levels, 8, 9 and 10, require the gymnast to fulfill most FIG requirements or the JO modifications for those requirements approved for the program.